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Hi guys,

I've just gotten my grubby paws on a Supreme RDTA and was really looking forward to vaping with it tomorrow. The problem now arises in that it doesn't screw onto my mods properly - I can turn it 1 full rotation and no further, thus leaving a huge gap between mod and RDTA. The mods I'm using are the Joyetech eVic vTwo and the Teslacigs Three mods. It's clearly not that the screw threads are too wide, as the Supreme RDTA fits my deck stand perfectly (as do my other RTA's). Any advice/hints/help would be greatly appreciated. Photo's attached:
1. My Supreme RDTA on the deck stand
2. My Smok TF-RTA G4 on the deck stand
3. My Smok TF-RTA G4 on the Teslacigs Three mod - sitting flush
4. My Supreme RDTA on the Teslacigs Three mod - huge gap
5. My Supreme RDTA on the Joyetech eVic vTwo mod - huge gap

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