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was thinking about getting the ceramic plug for the supreme, but I also saw the new postles deck for the supreme and this looks like also siuted for a single coil build. Now which is better the new building deck or the plug? I also have the lite version and like the plug for single coil, but looks like the new supreme deck can also handle bigger coils .
David Bugler

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You would definitely have completely different objectives when choosing between the postless deck and single coil plug. The ceramic part of the plug is there to restrict the airflow and thereby improve flavour. It's really aimed at those who prefer to maintain a higher resistance and reduce juice consumption.

The postless deck is all about larger ID builds, whether single, dual, quad, whatever. The airflow characteristic changes very noticably with no posts in the way.

Personally, I find single coil builds on the postless deck disappoint in flavour production ... the single coil will be placed centrally and too far from the air intakes. I find the flavour is better with large ID dual coils.
Smokin Dave

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I just ordered a postless deck for my Supreme and was wondering if there will be wicking/build tips and instructions.I watched the youtube vid posted about the postless deck but I want a more clear and concise tutorial.I benefited greatly from the vids posted on the main SteamCrave home page.This Surpreme tank is my absolute favorite and I'm looking forward to getting the new deck. 
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