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Has any one tried notch coils. Did they fit well on the deck and how do they compare to Clapton coils
David Bugler

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Yes, I quite like the concept of notch coils and tried them out on the RDTA and the Supreme tanks.
Overall, they were a big disappointment and I would not recommend their use in any rebuildable atty. That said, the notch coils that I tried were made by Demon Killer and I'm given to understand that Wismec's are better ... I'm still not sure how much better they could be, I'm staying clear of them.

They are flimsy in construction and prone to heat spotting. They're not robust enough to be rewicked or dry burned. At best you'll get a cool and flavourless vape, probably using Temperature Control. At worst you'll find them distorting during installation, heat spotting or even breaking before you even get a vape off them.

The legs are usually made of soft nickel and if you try them yourself, ensure that you shape the legs for installation without putting any pressure or stress on the coil itself. Any deformation of the coil will lead to heat spotting and you'll get a burnt taste.

Claptons on the other hand are very robust wires, being in fact two wires. Many vapers enjoy them such that there's no comparison with notch coils at all.
Hope that helps
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