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Hi SC.

I've purchased both a v1 and a supreme lite, and they're both fantastisk tanks.

The problem is that they are wet underneath the bottom and this causes juice slowly entering my mod and shortens it.
My shop gave me a new mod for free.

I've trind to change the lower packings, but it doesn't seem to solve the wetness underneath it.

What do you guys suggest i do..?
David Bugler

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We need to find out whether this is leaking or condensation first of all. Most likely cause is condensation of vapour on the mod.
Do you see this on the mod other than underneath?

With the RDTA v1, it's only worth double checking the o-ring on the underside of the deck for a tight seal.
With the Supreme Lite, it's worth checking the o-ring that sits inside the base cap.
Both of these seals are usually pretty good.

So what do you mean by lower packings? Is there a gap between the bottom of the atty and your mod?
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