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Tutorial video to help out with some common issues of wicking process in Aromamizer RDTA V1/V2 and Supeme. 
This tutorial is workable no matter how you adjust juice flow/airflow, how much wattage you use, how high VG level
No dry hit and no leakage!

Special thanks for Craver Scott Barnard

Depending on your coil size, the width of your cotton would need to be adjusted. But the way it's cut, would be pretty much the same
The amount of cotton I use is what actually regulates the flow....  The bottom of the juice well is completely covered, from post to post, packed down, but not "tight".... At the height I place the coils, no spitting, for there is sufficient airflow going UNDER the coils, and the coils are not sitting in juice from the bottom...
The wattage depends on the coil itself, but the wicking has always kept up.... "supply and demand"..... there is enough "reserve" in the legs and in the drip well, where if the juice is a little slow coming through the holes, by the next pull, the cotton is nice and saturated again.... 
Please make sure you set right juice flow and airflow under your set wattage, try to adjust wattage/juice flow and airflow to get your spot!QQ截图20160516115829.png  
David Bugler

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Cracking little video Scott!
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