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Got a supreme a week ago.
Upon disassembling it for pre use cleaning I found two damaged o-rings and the grub screws were stripped. Stripped is not really the right terminology to use here. Really it's an alan key issue. Steam crave chose to use 1.25mm grub screws, these are not the norm here in North America and getting a quality replacement is not an option that can be found cheaply. The Alan key doesn't fit the grub screws properly (too much play/poor quality) and the alan key spins in the grub screw upon tightening it. This is a serious issue! The key damages the grub screw which is softer than expected and will be an issue in the future. I tried to get better grub screws and an quality hex tool but no luck so far.
I almost lost one of the juice flow control stops. Damn things are just sitting in there and the second you remove the ring, out they go onto the floor. They are super small and one fell into a space of my hardwood floor. Took me awhile but I did manage to recover it once I found where it went! What a pain that was.
Yes there were extra parts, but why would I need to use my extra parts before it's even used?!

For those looking to buy one of these I would recommend taking it apart and check everything being mindful of those small stops! I will say the machining is very nice on these.

On a side note. My wife liked the flavour from mine so much we got her one a few days ago. Hers was perfect aside from the grub screw issue.

Steam crave if your listening, and i hope you are! It would be nice if you could send me a replacement parts bag! Also I'm looking to get the plus so I do hope you improved the quality and size of the grub screws on it. If not I won't be buying it!

Step it up steam crave you can do better!


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