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Dear SteamCravers!

Received my vape mail weeks ago and was tied down with work and traveling ... thus this late post of sharing my experience.

to sum it up, this is the best tank i ever used in terms of the following:

Assembling / Disassembling
Its easy! no need to worry if the glass is aligned to the edges like other tanks I had. The key is finger tight.

The flavour ... ahhhh .... just damn good!!! 
The Legend is going everywhere with me ever since it landed.

I have to admit firs time wicking I was kinda nervous .. but once its done ... its just so worthwhile!!
It gets easier when you are used to it. No struggle on my second and until now.

However, please take note that I followed the links below like a bible. Anyone having issues with leaking ... just read and watch the links below! Many THANKS to David and Scott!!! thank you!!!
@David Bulger
@Scott Barnard

(additional read up - very useful information)

None reported. No longer need to carry napkins in my pockets.
Anyone with any leaking issues, my suggestion is read up the links above and follow it step by step.

Tried it with SS, Kanthal, Twisted Kanthal ... the flavour is just so mesmerizing. However i cant fit 26G clapton.
My next coil will be using SS fused clapton.

Thank you SteamCrave! this is no doubt the best tank i ever came across in my 1 year vaping journey!!!

On a side note, I wish the screwing part to the chimney/chamber would be smoother. The one I had was quite sharp that the inner Oring were cut and changed it immediately with the spares easily.

if anyone were to ask me about Aromamizer ... i only have one word. AWESOMENESS!!!

Saving up for the Supreme next!!!

btw, can I order some spareparts and friction driptip for Aromamizer V2???

Long Live Legend! #imavapingthelegend!
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