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Hi all,
When I first saw the new Aromamizer Supreme V2 RDTA 25mm I was excited. This until finding out there is not any new postless deck. It will work with the old version 1 deck but that thing is not configured correctly. The new Plus deck allows the wicking to drop straight down into the juice flow slots where the old deck was 90 degrees off of that. It caused the wicks to have to be looped under the deck and blocked the air flow of the coil.
I contacted Steam Crave about the issue on this new design tank and got a response that they failed to be able to make a new deck or re-configure the old deck due to the lack of room. I am still not understanding this reply.
I really hope that Steam Crave will take another look at this issue. The 2 post deck is ok but the juice flow on the postless deck on the Plus tank is amazing. Something that should have been incorporated into this Supreme V2. I would consider it an amazing tank if this would have been done.
I am already in other forums where some of them are willing to re-notch the supreme postless deck just so it will fit into this new model Supreme V2.
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